Well hello there.

I am the most unprofessional blogger out there. A lot has happened since April of two years past (I told you I was a bad blogger). When we left off, Nibbles was returning from a minor-but-annoying pasture accident. Nibbles made a return to regular work and then, happily, I became pregnant. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve been inundated with pictures of baby girl N who is now more toddler than “baby.” She was born in December 2016.

Moreover, my husband took an exciting new job and we moved from Northern Indiana to North Texas in June of 2017. I kept my job and transitioned to full-time remote and we moved the family cross country.

I made the difficult decision to find new homes for my horses: both Nibbles and my broodmare. After much searching for the right situation, they both moved together to a friend’s farm in Nebraska. I try not to hover but I know they are both in good health and enjoying the pasture puff life together on a private farm.

It’s so easy to type that out but it really doesn’t illustrate how gut wrenching it was to come to the conclusion that it was the best thing to do. I’ve owned horses for 20 years and very much define myself as a horse person. I’m just presently a horse-less horse person. With two young children and a husband with a very busy job, I also have next to no time to ride so I am completely out of the saddle.

I have been following along with many of your blogs for 3+ years now. I’d like to make a return to blogging one day when I have something horsey to blog about but alas today is not that day. I did want to post an update in case any of our old followers stumble across us again and/or you find me commenting and wonder who in the heck this person is.


One thought on “Well hello there.

  1. Emma says:

    Good to hear an update and even better to hear that life is good! I’m sorry circumstances meant finding a new home for the ponies but seems like they’ve got a great new situation!

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