About Nibbles


Barn Name: Nibbles

Registered Name: Niabe AF

Breed: Shagya-Arabian, registered Half-Arabian with the AHA

DOB: May 26, 2008

Height: 15.2 hands

Pedigree: KB Omega Fahim++++// x *Nicolette by O’Bajan I-10

Likes: Watermelon, scratches, licking all the things, dinner time, being spoiled, life in general. She’s a very happy horse.

Dislikes: … really not, except maybe being alone

Breeding Inspection Scores:

Numbers are for: Type, Head, Neck, Body, Legs, Walk, Trot, Canter

7,8,7,7,7,7,8,8, Average 7.375

Approved for NASS Book I


September 2015

I bought Nibbles from her breeder in March 2012 just before she turned four. I aspired to have a breeding program at the time so she came across the country with two other horses. At that point, I had 6 horses in total on a small farm my family bought. When life forced me to sell everything in 2013, I almost didn’t keep any horses at all. After many conversations and tears, I decided to keep just one – Nibbles. Her personality is so unique, friendly and fun and, having had horses for almost 20 years, I knew how special it was to find a brain like that in an athletic package.


Fresh off the trailer at 4

When I got her, she had never left the breeders’ property and, although she was very well cared for, she had very little experience with anything: she’d never been stalled, never worn tack, and as far as I know never lunged outside of being chased for the sales video. Her first trailer ride was 2,000 miles and, when she got off, she couldn’t be caught for 24 hours after we turned her out. From then on, though, she has been the first to meet even strangers at the gate. I introduced her to tack, lunging and basic in-hand work and got her approved for breeding with the Shagya society.

Thereafter, she was a pasture puff until Christmas 2013 when I was able to move her closer to me and began her training in earnest. I backed her myself in March 2014 and intended to take her to her first sporthorse in-hand show before she had a bad reaction to bluing shampoo the morning of. Having just graduated with my bachelors and learning all about working full time and long commutes, her training was sporadic at best. Nibbles was always happy to see me and always seemed to pick up where we left off (except the one time I sold her marefriend and she was depressed for a couple months, but that’s another story).


Fat mare has moves – 2013

Around Christmas of 2014, I started talking to a close friend who is also a dressage trainer. If you’ve read my story, you know I had been sporadically in and out of the saddle for several years and had a hard time finding a trainer to stick with. Previously, my trainer friend had been very far from me but my then-fiance and I were going to be moving in the summer of 2015. The move would bring us much closer together and we began scheming. In April of 2015, the plan finally came to fruition when Nibbles left for 90 days of training with my friend. Ninety days turned into almost 9 months and included her first dressage show and several clinics.


With her trainer up summer 2015

In February of 2016, Nibbles came “home” for me to resume her training myself. The plan is to continue taking lessons with our trainer with the hopes of as many clinics and shows as we can.


Together again – February 2016

Who knows where life will take us – join us for the incredible ride!

Last update: 2/17/16


3 thoughts on “About Nibbles

  1. Elinor says:

    She’s a cuitie! And yes, if measured three years ago, time to get her true height 🙂
    Happy to have you along reading my blog, thank you for following. Looking forward to reading yours, too!

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