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We are not amused with scab removal.

Nibbles is not amused with her current state of affairs. She has a few spots of rainscald on her loin/hindquarters plus a little bit on her back legs. This past weekend was windy but warmer (50’s!) so she was spot bathed using iodine then slathered in diaper ointment. It’s the best stuff I’ve found for rain rot and “scratches.”

photo 1 (1)The weather is dipping back into the 20’s this week so the trend of no work for Nibbles continues. Luckily, I’ve noticed we are getting more and more daylight so I’m hoping I’ll soon be able to take advantage of the seldom warm up (the woes of having no indoor or lit riding area).


2014 Goals

What are my goals for 2014? Although I don’t know how appropriate these will ultimately end up being, I think it will be fun to reference them as time marches on.

Goals with Nibbles

  • Take/drop the bridle calmly and confidently
  • Learn to steer and accept gentle contact
  • Get back on the lunge with solid verbal cues
  • Try long-lining, which I’ve long been rusty on
  • Work on trailer loading – used to be a non-issue and has become a big one
  • Go to a handful of small schooling shows to get her off the property
  • Get at least 90 solid days under saddle before October

I’ve been traveling aka photos!

I’ve been out of town on business and I leave again this afternoon. So in an effort to keep myself posting, here are some photos of Nibbles.

478772_10150741798153764_938879758_oThis was Nibbles literally fresh off the trailer from Montana in her four-year old year. For the first 24-hours, she was a mad woman who acted as though she didn’t know what a human was. Since then, she’s been a complete lovebug.

980271_10151965496053764_701286672_oThis was Nibbles last October, her five-year old year. I literally pulled her from the pasture, dusted her off and snapped a picture. You can see she was very out of shape – but still a pretty girl.