The Verdict is In

The vet came early on Saturday morning. We drugged miss looney and he palpated and ultrasounded her ovaries. She had a CH on the left ovary but no cysts or tumors. He said she had just finishing cycling which makes sense. He didn’t see any issue with the hindgut/cecum, not even excess gas to make her uncomfortable. He thought this would be her last cycle before winter as he could already feel the change in her uterus. He said we could do two weeks of Regumate if I want but it may not make much difference at the end of the season like this. It would be about $100. In good new I guess, he said she has great repro goods so yay for that? But no explanation of the behavior based on physical pain.


So his verdict is that her behavior was her cycling which compounded her being upset that her favorite farm buddy hasn’t returned. He basically said it may be that she needs to live on Regumate in the future to make her manageable. And I get that but I’m still baffled by how this horse is not my horse. I normally drone on about how easy and fun she is. This is so frustrating!


We did use her in our engagement photos at the barn yesterday. Except for breaking the crossties and her breakaway halter before the photographer arrived, she pretended she had a brain for the most part. At least she didn’t act like a looney with the bridle, although as soon as I turned her back out after less than half an hour, she galloped away madly calling for her pasture mates who were just over the hill.

Really-Animated-GIFI don’t see us going to the horse show this Saturday. Even though it’s just a fun show, I can already see it being one giant fight and I really don’t want that for her first outing. I can’t set her up for failure and expect it to be a positive experience. This week will be about trying to tap into wherever her brain has gone and going back to work I know she was confident with: in hand, lunging, long lining. Hopefully she remembers that, oh yeah, this lady isn’t evil and I am actually a sweet horse.

But in good news, yay engagement photos! We should get them in 2-3 weeks and I’ll share them then. What we saw on her camera looked amazing and I’m out of my skin with excitement to see them all.

Radio Silence

Sorry guys. It’s been a rough week for me. I’m meeting the vet tomorrow morning bright and early to take a look at Nibbles. He wants to palpate her ovaries to check for abnormalities. He suspects this could be hormonal. I guess it’s a good thing to rule out but it doesn’t explain the mild colic. At this point, I’m afraid ulcers may be a best case scenario for poor baby Nibbles. I’ll post an update after our appointment.

Also this weekend, my fiancé and I are having our engagement photos done. On the farm with Nibbles. Let’s hope she miraculously remembers to bring her brain. I’m excited, though, as we’ve never had any professional photos taken together over the past 2 1/2+ years. Of course, I’ll be posting those in a few weeks when we get the edits back.

Please keep your fingers crossed for miss Nibs!

The Phone Call Horse People Dread

Colic. It’s a word that makes a horse person’s stomach turn. I’ve lost two horses over the years to severe colic cases; the last one was two years ago. I was packing up at the office to head to the barn last night when I got a call that went like this.

Barn Owner: “Hey Rebecca. Listen, she’s not bad but Nibbles has been getting up a down since she ate her grain. She’s also biting at her sides…”


Me: “Okay, can you halter her and get her standing? I’m leaving now.”

Unfortunately, I work downtown and it takes me an hour to get to the barn during rush hour. On my way out, I called the vet and he actually beat me there. The wonderful barn owner handwalked Nibbles until I got there. I decided to have the vet on call (Dr. Griffin) out because I don’t know how to give an IV injection and he strongly cautioned me against giving it IM.

photo 1-7

By the time I got there, Nibbles was 95% herself. In fact, she never broke a sweat. The vet did give her 10cc Banamine IV but that’s it. Five minutes later, she was pooping and nibbling for hay scraps off the ground. Freaking. Horse. I stayed with her for the next hour and she was totally fine, having great gurgling gut sounds.

Freaking. Horse.

Freaking. Horse.

So Nibbles got a spa night in the end. I picked her tail and curried everywhere and scratched her itchy spots. We kept her in for a few hours then turned her back out Dr. Griffin recommended. This morning, the Barn Owner texted me to say she looks 100% back to normal but she’ll keep her eyes peeled. As for what caused it, the vet said to watch her closely for any behavioral changes but it may have just been a freak incident where something upset her enough to make her act colicky.

I’m giving her another day off to be sure then I’ll hop back on. Sigh. I guess it’s a good problem to have when you have the vet out on an emergency call that turned out to not be much of an emergency?