To put it plainly, things are not going how I expected when Nibbles got home. But that’s horses, isn’t it?


our thoughts on how things are turning out

Nibbles has developed an upper respiratory infection that didn’t go away and required veterinary intervention. She has yet to develop a fever but she’s on antibiotics and banamine. She also got a shot of something which the name of escape me but it is supposed to boost her immune system. She was supposed to have 72 hours off from any work at all which she had. The runny nose and deep cough are improved but not gone. Anything more than a walk causes her to cough quite hard. So what I was hoping would be quick has now been lingering for more than a week. Horses.

The post-injury repercussions are ongoing. In fact, I’ve begun to accept that this is in fact a chronic hip issue and we will at least be dealing with it for months if not years to come. We are into the 6th week since the injury occurred, two chiropractic visits and two massage sessions. She’s been lunged maybe four times just to see where we are at. The second massage session happened Monday while I was at work and, while I have the write up, I am talking to the therapist this evening on the phone. The gist of things was, well, she’s not worse. In some areas, there is less soreness but only marginally. She also reported that she needs to be adjusted by the chiropractor again for her right hip. This would be the third adjustment in 6 weeks which to me is telling us something – that she cannot hold the adjustment. At the walk and trot, she is sound. She cannot physically canter to the right. She will crossfire behind for a few strides then nearly fall. Horses.


might you have a cookie over there?

I’m not getting back on her yet. If she cannot walk, trot and canter on the lunge I do not think it is prudent to be riding her. Sure, I could probably get on and walk around but in my mind, my time is better spent doing intentional rehab from the ground. Massage will help. Things like backing up, cat stretches (where they tuck their pelvis), and ground poles (eventually cavaletti) will help. I don’t know when the chiropractor will help again (ie. she can retain the adjustment) and I do not have the $$$$ to throw at diagnosing exactly what has happened (ie. extensive diagnostics in the clinic that will likely be inconclusive according to my vet).


freshly washed and banged tail because we really can’t do much else

I will continue to massage and rehab which I have been doing for three weeks now. Ultimately, I don’t know what the future will hold or what timetable we are looking at. This may be a case of let her be a pasture puff for a while then reevaluate.

I’m sad. I’ve fluctuated between angry and disappointed. We are investigating small claims court as the vet bills have continued to mount but it may not be worth the time/effort. She was not insured before the accident. I’m slowly accepting the new reality that I don’t have a horse to ride/train for now. Hopefully time will heal all wounds. On the positive side, we love the new barn and not riding means I don’t need a new saddle immediately… Horses.


9 thoughts on “Horses.

  1. EquiNovice says:

    I just, I don’t even know what to say… I feel awful for you. Poor Nibbles just can’t catch a break! I hope a turn of better luck and less discomfort comes your way soon.

  2. David says:

    It must be disappointing not being able to ride with her. I do hope you’re able to find the cause of her hip issues. At least you’re at a good barn.

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