A Bucking Good Time

I went to the barn last night and worked Sara first, after my blog hop post got me thinking. Despite the intense wind, she did really well on the lunge and with some in-hand exercises. She was very light and responsive and engaged – which she hasn’t been for a while. While I was working her in a nearby pasture, her pasture mates decided to gallop and buck wildly. Sara wasn’t happy but all she did was toss her head. She joined them when I turned her out.

I caught Nibbles amidst the frivolity and cross tied her. She left her brain in the pasture and just about flipped out (her friends were still in a mad frenzy). I brushed her for 10 minutes and gave up; she clearly wasn’t in any shape to get on and I only have 15 minutes left at the barn. I turned her back out and decided to take some video of the horses having a good time. No one was particularly upset about anything – they were all just bucking and leaping and enjoying themselves. I thought you might enjoy Nibbles’ acrobatics. Glad I wasn’t riding that!


Shagya Turned Out at the Vet

*Shagya II-2 after turn out at the vet’s facility. She was just artificially inseminated using Starwalker on June 1 and then June 2. Taken with my iPhone on June 1, 2012