Special Breed of Crazy

I’m moving barns.


This is all the new media I have. Rehab is boring for everyone

That’s the short version. The long version is that the BO lied to me about Nibbles having another incident in the pasture and came to me only to tell me because her conscience wouldn’t let her keep it to herself anymore. Mind you she didn’t lie just by omission – I specifically asked her if anything else happened. She told me no and went so far as to have two staff members tell me no as well in a group message. This led to a conversation at the barn which she sat down and had in front of other boarders in which she told me I thought I was perfect, that I was a critical person, that my horse wasn’t desensitized enough, and that if I was a “bold rider” I wouldn’t even notice things like dirt bikes. She also defended why she doesn’t supervise her children at the barn (five of them, ages 2 – 9) and why she not only wouldn’t prevent them from riding them in the pasture in the future but why she would be letting them do it without supervision. She went so far as to bring religion into it (a special level of crazy), to try to use reverse psychology (“What, so now I can’t use my tractor on the farm if it scares your horse?”), to guilt me for not knowing enough about kids (lolz), to tell me that we couldn’t prove that the fall is actually what injured the horse, and that she’s had issues like this in the past and sometimes people just aren’t a good fit for her style of boarding.

No kidding.

I went into my conversation with her looking for resolution and to move forward with mutual respect and honesty. I left the conversation completely shellshocked at her lack of professionalism. She truly believes what she is doing is right and acceptable and that she is doing what her conscience is telling her to. She also believes this is her home first and her business second and she obviously treats it that way. I’m very proud of myself for never losing my temper or stooping to her level of name calling, guilting, and theatrics. I stayed very calm and logical and when it became clear that I could not continue to pay her for a service she wouldn’t provide, it was time to leave.

The good news is that I have a new barn lined up. Sometimes when a window closes, a door opens. Can’t wait to share more with you guys, just finishing a couple things first!



18 thoughts on “Special Breed of Crazy

  1. Carly says:

    Not being able to put your business first when you’re running a business that takes care of LIVING THINGS–even if that means you hire someone else to make sure your business is running perfectly–would definitely have me out there in a heart beat, too. Sheesh. Happy to hear you’ve already found something! Here’s to a return to normalcy!

    • Rebecca says:

      Yeah, when I she point blank said that, I realized our differences couldn’t be resolved because our expectations were completely different.

  2. ashequine says:

    Hoo boy – not a good situation for anyone! Glad to hear you’ve already got something else lined up though!

  3. aHorseForElinor says:

    I’m relieved for you. Apparently, only very special, pet companion, dead broke horses will be a good fit at her business.

    There are many of those, and it could be a happy match.
    You and Nibbles have higher aspirations – off you go on the next adventure! Good things will come!

    • Rebecca says:

      Perhaps that’s true. However, she advertises as a professional training barn (albeit western). I won’t be recommending her because I feel her ethics are questionable but you are right – I am certain others could be just fine there AND good things are coming! 😀

  4. emma says:

    yikes, i’m so sorry! that, uh, DEFINITELY sounds like not a good fit… at all. for, um, probably most reasonable people! anyway, i hope the new barn is lovely and wonderful and that Nibbles thrives there!

  5. Heather says:

    Whew! So sorry you had to go through that. Horse people are sometimes a whole new level of crazy, but I’m glad to hear you’re able to move on to something better without too much stress around finding something that works for you.

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