She’s Home!

After being postponed once last week due to weather, Nibbles arrived home on Friday afternoon. Home, of course, being the boarding barn about 30 minutes south of my house/work where Joker and I have been hanging out. Although this winter has been mild for northern Indiana save a few dumps of snow, it’s apparently decided to make (hopefully) its final stand just in time for Nibbles’ return to me. On Friday, it was about 20*, snowing and quite windy. Perhaps not ideal weather for transport but the roads were not slick so the switch was made.


fresh off the trailer

I didn’t get very many pictures because my phone dies almost immediately when it gets to be about 20* or below. Wimp. But Nibbles walked on the trailer without batting an eyelash I’m told and hauled like a champ. She unloaded fine (after deciding she’d like to stay in the warm trailer just a little bit longer please), hopped off and walked inside like nbd.

Took off her wraps and took her for a few laps around the indoor. A couple of snorts and that was it. No spooking, no silliness, just taking it in. We put her out in her quarantine paddock and she walked around a bit after we tucked her in. We left her to grab Joker which she didn’t care for much and started screaming a little. I got her a few flakes of hay and that was the end of that.



Joker hopped on the trailer pretty quickly and off he went. He’s going to be spending some time in bootcamp with Elise at the barn Nibbles was at in Michigan. He’s been on Ulcergard for about 6 days now so hopefully he starts to get some relief.

Saturday was brutally cold and windy with a frostbite warning. I had them keep Nibbles indoors all day because, even with her blanket, she just doesn’t have much of a coat this winter. It was a good decision because the roads were bad and I couldn’t make it out.


the little black dot is Nibbles

Sunday was Valentine’s Day and my husband was cooking steaks for us at home (he’s an AMAZING cook). While he was meal prepping and finishing some homework, I jetted to the barn to see Nibbles for the first time since Friday. It was 15* and – yes, still snowing –  windchill 0*.

I got to the barn to find it deserted. I must be nuts to want to ride in this. Elise said I’m dedicated. Pretty sure I’m just nuts… The barn is sort of off the beaten path and I’m not sure how often the road gets plowed or salted. The main roads are fine but the road the barn is off of is MIA right now – you can’t tell where the road ends and the fields begin. It’s just solid snow. Everywhere.


Anyway! I was there and super excited to see my horse. In the barn, I got everything ready. Threw the bridle in the heated lounge, dug through my tack trunk from Michigan (Elise sent my earmuffs and shims, God love her), put my stirrups back on my dressage saddle, staged my riding boots. I intentionally ran around getting things together to try to warm up – except my fingers, it was a success. I grabbed her halter and headed back into the tundra to retrieve the beast. She was munching quietly on hay and let me snuggle her before I put her halter on. I had a nightmare that she was a lunatic and bowed a tendon running around in the frozen mud so I naturally checked her legs. Nothing, clean, tight. Phew!

She followed me into the barn and quietly stood on the cross ties like a normal horse – completely alone in the barn, not a single horse in a stall. This is a situation in which Joker would have been doing his very best to be sent to the looney bin. But Nibbles was fine – albeit I could tell she was cold when I took her blanket off, poor thing. I don’t have a quarter sheet so I speed tacked up and hurried into the arena to get her moving asap.


post ride. insert cookie here

I walked her around the arena a few times in both directions to let her get a look at things. They have a lot of stuff (read: junk) in the arena; only one corner is even open. In one corner they have a ton of jump standards, a tractor and a barrel of…I’m not sure what but it looks like frozen oil.  In another corner they have corral panels, a four wheeler/gator thing, and a buggy. In the other corner, they have (get ready) insulation for the lounge they’re finishing, a ton of wood, a huge stack of hay bales, tarps and two buzz saws. So really it’s an indoor arena/storage shed/pony death trap. I was prepared to give Nibbles lots of time to console her gerbils.

Except for being tense, she was perfect. That pretty much sum it ups.

She looked at things as we walked around, smelled what she wanted to smell, and we went to work. I put her on the lunge with side reins and told myself we would at least lunge properly, even if riding seemed off the table for our very first day. She wanted to counter bend quite a bit and look but settled in after 15 minutes and gave me some really nice stretching and rhythm. It wasn’t on the same level as at the Michigan barn but I didn’t expect that this time. Frankly, I know I was a bit nervous – it was our first time without training wheels (aka Trainer Elise) since last APRIL… like 10 months ago, what the what.


I really needn’t have worried. Tension was our biggest hurdle – and there were definitely moments when she relaxed over her topline. I lunged her for about half an hour, maybe a smidge more. She was blowing ever so slightly and definitely hadn’t broken a sweat.

So I got on. I was consciously tense and cold so I know I affected her. But she was such a good girl. We walked in both directions and had one spook at the large back door when the wind banged it loudly. Spooking was a crouch and hop then walking on like oh, we’re alive, ok, onwards. We did our tight-loop serpentines but I didn’t add in any lateral work this time. We trotted in both directions and got a few nice moments on the 20m circle. It was a little fussy and tense overall. After a particularly nice trot, I decided to end there – short, sweet and positive. I stuffed her with a few carrots and many “good girls” before taking her back out. I opened the barn door to be literally blinded by snow. Nibbles went back to her hay without any complaints.


outdoor arena or ice rink?

Had Elise been the one riding her, I’m sure she could have asked for more and gotten it. This ride was just as much about proving to myself that I could do it as it was proving that Nibbles could handle it. I was thrilled with her. If tension is our biggest problem, I feel like we’re in a great position moving forward. She was never silly or ignoring me – just looky and then responding to my lack of relaxation.

What do you do when you know you’re tense come time to ride? Any tricks before and after mounting?


21 thoughts on “She’s Home!

  1. heartofhope10 says:

    If I have some time before I ride, I often just stand quietly and take lots of deep breaths. It slows my brain down and usually I relax, making the horse relax too. That said, I’m someone who tends to get in a hurry about everything.

    • Rebecca says:

      Good suggestion! I find you can solve a lot of problems just by breathing – I have a bad tendency to hold my breath for sure.

  2. Carly says:

    Sounds like the perfect first solo ride! Elise might have gotten more out of her, but you’re her mom and if she went around well enough to make you happy, that’s all that matters!

  3. Hillary H. says:

    I find that if I’m super nervous ill put Annie on the lunge just to reassure myself she isn’t going to be wild. Then yesterday I just took a breather and decided to just see what she did. I was a little nervous but breathing is key. What do you know she was great. The more nervous I am the more uptight she is too.

  4. Cruisen in Stilettos says:

    New follower! Can’t wait to catch up on all your adventures with Nibbles! I hand-walk my girl around the arena a few times, to give her time to look at everything, get used to the energy in the arena, and to slowly tighten up the girth.

    • Rebecca says:

      Welcome, thanks for following along! Always exciting to have a new follower. That’s a great tip! That little bit of extra time can go a long way for sure!

    • Rebecca says:

      Nibbles doesn’t do well if I hop on and just walk around. She’s naturally on the hot side of the spectrum so I’ve found she is much happier if we immediately start doing things – lateral work, transitions, serpentines, etc. It’s an interesting challenge for me because I need time to loosen up. Luckily, even though she’s hot, she is very sane so I can stretch and drop my stirrups and do whatever I need to do to get myself right.

  5. Erika says:

    RESCUE REMEDY! Best for taking the edge off me. I’m sure I’ve told you about my anxiety in the show ring, and once you figure out how much you need (4 of the chewables aka 4 doses is what does it for me), you’re gold!

  6. emma says:

    awwwwwwww Yay Nibbles!!!! you must be so freakin happy to have her home again, and what a good girl for handling the new situations with just a little bit of tension. probably that’ll melt away as you guys settle into more of a routine.

  7. Karley says:

    Yay go girl!! So happy for a good first ride home!!

    I try to remember to take deep breathes when I’m on to calm down.. Also I love having some music on- it distracts me 🙂

    • Rebecca says:

      I totally want to ride with music! I always battle between wanting to use my iPhone for video and wanting to use it to listen to music 😀

  8. Erin says:

    Yay! What a good pony. Welcome home Nibbles! I’m sure with a few more rides and some warmer weather you’ll relax just fine. I always find I’m a little more tense this time of year.

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