Wordless Wednesday: RIP Starwalker


Taken two years ago today. Starwalker, my breeding stallion, was laid to rest after a freak pasture accident last spring. 

Before we fattened him up

Before we fattened him up. Thank God we froze him before the accident.


6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: RIP Starwalker

    • Rebecca says:

      He had the brain to match to boot. I used to ride him around mares, never a problem. Definitely saving the frozen for a special mare in a few years<3

    • Rebecca says:

      Thank you ❤ By the way, I've been following you and Miss Izzy. My work blocks commenting on Blogger for whatever reason so I can't comment but YAY for everything you guys have accomplished lately! And Bali is so so cute.

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