Almost Showtime

Bad blogger is bad. I’ve been in and out of the doctor’s office several times over the past two weeks with some random health issues and am back in physical therapy for what I thought would be my knee. It turns out my hips, specifically my gluteus medius (the muscle along the outside of your hips), are extremely weak and my knee just tried to compensate this time. I’ve been banned from posting in the saddle temporarily until they clear my tendonitis in my knee so I haven’t been back for another lesson. Hopefully in the next two weeks!

In much more exciting news, Nibbles is heading to her first show according to plan this coming weekend! My sister and I are driving up on Saturday. Nibbles and Elise are doing Intro A and B. The goal is to give her a positive experience. I’m incredibly excited.

I haven’t been back up to see Miss Thing since July (arghhhhh) but here’s a video with Trainer Elise up from this past week. Just a quick clip of trotting but I have still been drooling. I think you can see her trying to reach for the contact, although she clearly isn’t there. This is almost exactly 90 days under saddle.

After much talking and exploring of options, Trainer Elise is going to keep Nibbles through the winter, probably until mid-March 2016. It’s a long, long time to be without my girl but I think she will benefit from it immensely. Elise has been so generous in making the dream of full training a reality for someone who doesn’t have a full training budget. As soon as my physical therapist clears me, my goal is to take bi-weekly lessons like I said before but that means my personal goals with Nibbles will change since she’ll remain in professional training longer.

Pretty boring update. You can expect gratuitous pictures from the show. My sister is bringing her fancy camera and has an incredible eye for shooting ponies.


12 thoughts on “Almost Showtime

    • Rebecca says:

      Now that I’m not so young, I am having a hard time taking are of my own body as much as I try to take care of my horses’. It’s so easy to take your health for-granted. Something I’m working on!

  1. emma says:

    what a bummer about the knee/hip issues – hopefully you can resolve them quickly! exciting about Nibbles staying in training. Elise seems to be doing a really nice job with her, and that gives you plenty of time to fully prepare for getting her going yourself too!!

  2. Tracy - Fly On Over says:

    SO EXCITED for Nibbles first show!! She is looking so fabulous and ZOMG the potential!! Her trot is soooooooo pretty ❤

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