New Family Member

Growing up, my family had at least one cat and one dog and usually more than that. When I moved out, I realized very quickly that a home without an animal feels very strange. I adopted a cat while I was in college and she came to live on the farm with me a few summers back. While I was in China, she got lost or ran away. Even with her microchip, we were never able to track her down or find out what happened.

Ben and I are honestly more of dog people but our lifestyle just doesn’t fit having a dog right now. I’m gone for 9 hours every day at work and he is about to be in class most days.

After almost five years waiting, we decided the time was right to adopt a cat. A 5-month old male kitten if you want to get specific. We talked about it for months and finally made the leap this weekend (right before my lesson actually!).

Meet Tucker!


Tucker is pretty funny right now – he came home on Saturday afternoon and has been a bit skittish understandably. He was in a foster home with 30 other cats and now he’s the only animal at our place. Once you have him in your arms, he’s purring and forcing his face into your hand for scratches. But he acts like he’s a big fraidy cat if he’s on the ground. He skitters away if he decides you’re in his bubble.

I was not eating your sandal. I am good kitten.

I was not eating your sandal. I am good kitten.

He’s gotten better and is coming up to me more instead of me having to virtually corner him. Having both had several cats growing up, we know we just need to give him time to get used to his new home. We’re smitten with him – even if he has already tested climbing my curtains.

Who can resist a kitten in a basket?

Who can resist a kitten in a basket?


7 thoughts on “New Family Member

    • Rebecca says:

      Thanks! I’m completely smitten with him. He’s probably going to takeover instagram for a while too #allthekittencrazies

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