Better, Faster, Stronger

Nibbles has been in training for 3 months. I couldn’t be any more pleased with her progress and her aptitude for doing everything Elise asks of her.  

Top: May 2nd; Bottom: August 1st

Today, Elise says she tried asking Nibbles for a leg yield at the trot and she didn’t put a toe wrong. It was the first time she’s asked under saddle. I love this little mare’s brain! 

Here’s a little video to show how much steadier and stronger Nibbles is. 

Our next goal is to take Nibbles to her first show and have all involved survive. Elise and I have one picked out for September 20th. Elise is confident Nibbles is 100% ready and could handle Intro B and C her first time out. I’m pleased as punch and crossed fingers that I can afford to send her and that it will be a positive experience. 



8 thoughts on “Better, Faster, Stronger

    • Rebecca says:

      I think so too! The exciting part is that we are not pushing her too hard and just letting her come along at her own pace physically and mentally. There’s something to be said for a slightly older horse (7 years old is “old”).

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