Back To Reality


Photo by Elise

I’m a married woman! Trainer Elise posted the photo above on instagram the morning of my wedding. She was the first to make me cry. It was the next best thing to having my horse be there for my big day. Everything was beautiful – no wedding photos just yet – then we jetted off to Germany and Austria for almost two weeks. We checked a big item off of my bucket list – the Spanish Riding School. But that day deserves a post all to itself.

So while I’m back to reality and back to work, Nibbles remains with her super trainer for the time being. We don’t have a set end date which is perfectly fine with me because my brain is still sizzling from so much change and Nibbles is doing so incredibly well.

Photo by Elise

Photo by Elise

Nibbles went on her first “trail ride” which was really just a large field. Elise rode her in a halter at walk, trot and canter without any problems. If you ask me, Nibbles much prefers the outdoors and that halter. Hippie horse. Elise also rode Nibbles with a fabulous clinician in a private session and had a great experience. The clinician liked Nibbles and thought she had a lot of potential.

The private lesson started with groundwork, cleaning it up. Nibbles gets a noodly neck to on e direction and gets her nose to close to you when you break over her hindquarters.  So they worked on preventing that by reaching up with the leading hand to improve her balance and further engage her hindquarters. She said they worked on waiting a little longer so she can’t rush and that overall the work was light and easy. Next, they did the same thing but in the bridle with a lot of stopping and turning but not bridging the the hind through or fore across like in the halter.

They worked on making her more steady at the mounting block. Elise reports that Nibbles has been okay but hasn’t really improved much. She said she gets anxious when going between the mounting block and wall/fence line. They usually come to the outside or circle it. The clinician spotted this, made a few tweaks and in less than 5 minutes, it made a huge difference just by changing how they asked her to walk up to the mounting block. I’m excited to see this in person!

Finally was the under saddle work and really asking for more control of her feet: bringing her hindquarters under just like the groundwork, thinking about asking the forehand to come across, and slowing down/speeding up her feet with just your seat (which Elise says she already does super well). I also can’t wait to see the adjustment they made when she gets wiggly in her head: he had her widen her hands way more than she thought and showed Elise how this made a difference by having her hold the bit in her hands. They also added a slight push of the hands forward through upward transitions to help eliminate head tossing.

Photo yet again by Elise

Progress – Photo yet again by Elise

Basically, I’m dying to see my mare. My husband (!!!!) and I have plans to make the trip to see her next weekend, July 11th.


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