Video Update

Hello blogland! I am probably the worst blogger ever so I will try to make up for it with new video! Nibbles has been with Elise for 30 days now and I’m thrilled with her progress. I think being 7 years old is a huge advantage as she seems mentally ready to tackle new challenges.

The first video is mostly walk work with some trotting. For those of you following along, look at how much more quite she is with her head in just a couple weeks. The second video is trotting and cantering. She was quite spicy in the canter that day! She must keep us from realizing she’s capable of perfection, right? Also, I really appreciate how Elise rides her. She’s firm but fair and immediately praises her when she does what she asks. If you have the sound on, you’ll hear her verbally praise her when she gets something. She has the rest of June and July at least with Elise.


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