No News is Good News

I’ve decided that in the world of green horses, no news is good news. That’s not to say that Elise the Trainer hasn’t been sending me updates. It’s just that Nibbles’ work is slow and steady, exactly what a greenie needs. She is figuring out being on the bit where fighting contact and gaping are less and less. In a stroke of genius, Elise tried her in a fulmer. This is the combination the Spanish Riding School uses on their green horses. It’s sort of like a hybrid between a loose ring and a full cheek. IMG_4231

It turns out this bit is a winner in Nibbles’ book with zero fighting or gaping. Woohoo! Elise also reports that her arena figures are really improving. No exciting new photos or video so you’ll have to settle for cute mug shots.



4 thoughts on “No News is Good News

  1. Liz says:

    realize i’m way late on this. I actually have never seen one of these before! I feel like it must be a kind of underrated/underappreciated bit yeah?

    • Rebecca says:

      Yeah I think so. It is more common in Europe. Nibbles is super keen on it so that makes me happy! She was not bad but a bit fussy with an eggbutt or plain loosering.

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