Happy Dance!

Hello again, E popping in. Did you hear my happiness across the country this afternoon? Nibbles and I had such an awesome workout, I might still be floating instead of walking.


We worked outside where there is a full jump course set up, the lawn guys were out working, and traffic is always going by. Nibs and I started out today with some groundwork over a pole, over a flower box, a flower filled itty-bitty cross rail, and finally over a short gate/plank with flowers. She got really into it… Folks, I think we may have a jumping star on our hands soon!

Longing in side reins went pretty well. They are still long enough as to not make her feel trapped or forced into a neck position she’s not ready for, but they also are easy for her to ignore. That’s okay, baby steps. She is getting s lot stronger and has no issue trotting and cantering on a variety of circle sizes.

Decided to give riding in the bridle a try and I am pleased as punch to say it was absolutely perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect! We walked and trotted without and head tossing so I had Tracey, my assistant manager, video our ride. It was a gorgeous day and I’m so glad to have had a cameraman so she could follow and zoom. Such a treat!

Nibbles did walk, trot, and canter in both directions with light, steady contact and even had a couple moments where she stretched down into the bridle a little. It was so thrilling!! I’m still so impressed by her canter work … This is still only the third day she has cantered under saddle and transitions are already not awful. Athletic horses are such a blessing πŸ™‚

She makes me so happy! Hope you had an awesome Thursday!


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