20 Things I Have Learned

After my serious post yesterday, I just have to share this funny list of 20 Things I have Learned about Horses from Facebook. Horses are God’s best creatures (in my humble opinion) but sometimes we obsess and let them define our lives entirely. It’s good to take a step back and laugh!

Tuesday, May 5th


E reports Nibbles was GREAT today. They did groundwork, longed in the side reins WTC, then worked in hand on stopping and turning with one hand on each rein. Then she hopped on for a calm ride at the walk to finish up. She said Nibbles threw a small tantrum during the in hand rein work where she did a mini-rear and sat down. She said she got up and the expression on her face was, “Well that was dumb!” She said she was fantastic for everything after that on the ground and riding. She also mentioned that she’s getting much better about keeping her mouth closed (flash attachment is in the mail) and that she’s even letting E have some steady contact at the walk.


The plan is to go see Nibbles next weekend (May 16-17) after I get moved in and start the new job THIS weekend and next week. Lots of change!



4 thoughts on “20 Things I Have Learned

    • Rebecca says:

      I’ve been texting my mom daily updates on her and I’ve started calling them The Daily Nib. I mean come on, everything about her is way too stinking cute. xD

  1. emma says:

    i really can’t get over how adorable Nibbles is haha. she’s so expressive – i can only imagine her face when she sat down lol.

    • Rebecca says:

      She is such a hambone. Personality for dayz… which so far, hasn’t equated to any real antics because she is so amiable and easy. Fingers crossed that doesn’t change! 😀

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