Spicy Yet Satisfying


Friday, May 1st

After her day off yesterday, Nibbles seemed to be in an even better frame of mind today. Trainer E did some ground work and lunged her in her bridle before riding. She twisted the reins like side reins. She reported that she got a little “spicy” toward the end where she decided she didn’t want to play anymore. In Nibbles’ world, spicy is picking up your back foot for a baby pseudo-buck that lasts one literal second and then tossing your head. Wow Nibbles, such rebel, so wild. I had told her that Nibbles’ protests are her saying boos hiss dis my temper tantrum, okay fine. They finished with some good quiet walk work.


E says she thinks the side reins will really help her be less anxious about her picking up the reins. To be fair, I often rode her in a hackamore so it’s perfectly reasonable. She said even the reins over the saddle helped a lot. I’m going to dig out the flash attachment that came with her bridle to send up just in case gaping becomes a thing.

Can we real quick just talk about E’s breeches in the picture?  Do need! I’m obsessed.

Saturday, May 2nd


Another great day and first trot under saddle with E. Longed in side reins for half an hour then walked and trotted under saddle. “It was all four on the floor” she reports – nothing fancy yet but I’ll take the good behavior at this stage! Trainer E sent me photos of her sliding side rein arrangement which is really interesting. She said it’s already doing wonders for Nibbles’ confidence with light pressure on the bit.



10 thoughts on “Spicy Yet Satisfying

  1. emma says:

    aw Nibbles looks super cute in those pics! sounds like E has a nice approach for getting her into work – glad she’s doing well 🙂

    • Rebecca says:

      She really does. E is super talented and has brought along horses I’ve followed that are all super happy athletes. I’m stoked I was able to sneak little Nibbles in.

    • Rebecca says:

      I actually don’t think they are! She told me at one point where she bought them but I need to ask again because NEED.

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