The Beginning of Training

Nibbles arrived at the trainer’s barn on Sunday evening and was pretty worn out from the ~8 hour trip. I’m not sure of the best way to keep track of everything so I may play with formatting and reports over the next couple weeks. We’ll start with this! Sorry, no pictures just yet.

Monday, April 27th

Nibbles was turned out by herself. Trainer E did a little bit of groundwork and lunging, not too much. Nibbles was on higher alert than the previous evening. She received her third dose of Ulcergard, no issues there.

Tuesday, April 28th

Nibbles’ first ride at the trainer’s! She was pretty high strung and the barn was very busy: other horses in the arena and people even playing tennis on the courts next door. She round her in the outdoor arena as it was the least busy. Nibbles protested at her noseband being a bit tight and flipped her head a couple times until it was loosened. She hopped on and walked around calmly a couple times and called it a day on a positive note. Green horse in a busy environment, not bad! Fourth and final UlcerGard given.

Wednesday, April 29th

Trainer E did a lot of groundwork and lunged her a little bit. She thought the groundwork really helped and she’s definitely improved as far as not being on such high alert. She also said she was super loving, that she was “grooming” one of the girls at the barn while she scratched her neck. That sounds like Nibbles!

Unfortunately, one of my stirrup leathers cracked all the way through so I need to send a replacement pair in the near future.

Thursday, April 30th

Day off! Nibbles gets to relax and hopefully settle in more before beginning “real work” tomorrow.

My thoughts so far are really positive. Nibbles apparently already has a fan club and Trainer E says she’s the most personable horse she’s ever met. This barn is nothing like Nibbles has ever seen so I’m really happy she’s trying hard to be a good girl. I’ll be sharing pictures as I get them. Trainer E is really pleased with her thus far, really loves her active hind leg and thinks she’s a fab little mover.


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