The Announcement

I’m so excited to finally be able to share my big news. Readers that have been following for a while know that I’m getting married in mid June and that my soon to be husband is starting his MBA this fall. That means we’re moving to northern Indiana after we get back from our honeymoon. So where does that leave Miss Nibbles? Thanks to a wonderful friend, I have a very exciting announcement.

nibtrailer4.26  trailer4.26

Nibbles loaded up yesterday to head up to Michigan for full-time training for the next few months. The trainer – I’ll call her E –  is a good friend of mine and incredibly talented dressage trainer who happened to have a spot at the right time. The thought of Nibbles being in full work while I run around like a crazy person makes my heart sing with joy.

The princess arrived yesterday evening and hauled super well. She settled in quickly at her new big, beautiful barn. She’s transitioning from turn-out only to limited turnout and living in a stall like a grown up. Trainer E took her for a walkabout and said she wasn’t nervous at all, just snorted at the flowers jumps. Yep, that sounds like my girl! I’m a proud pony mom for her taking such a huge change in stride on Day One.

And now, picture spam compliments of Super Trainer E of her first night.

nib_gphcnib_flower nib_indoor

The view from her new stall.

The view from her new stall.


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