Manic Monday – Trailer Woes


Does anyone have experience with Brenderups? I bought mine second hand less than five years ago. It’s a 2002. Above is my ramp last night – it has an extreme amount of water damage. There is a small spot on the escape door as well. The water damage began very small on the bottom right hand side unexplainably and has become this. Clearly, it’s not safe for use and I’m afraid I won’t find someone who knows Brenderups near me (Kentucky). My lighting has also decided to go on the fritz; on the right blinker works and very faintly. I’m crushed that my trailer may be a total loss.


4 thoughts on “Manic Monday – Trailer Woes

  1. Dressage Hafl says:

    unfortunately, all I can say here is that I am really sorry…how come that there was a water damage to begin with? One of my rain gutters above the tack department room is lost, thus, when it is raining heavily, I sometimes have water in my tack department – but my trailer is a poly trailer – at least the water is not causing any damage to that material..

    • Rebecca says:

      I’m not sure why there is water damage at all. The best I can guess is that water got under the metal around the edges and built up. It’s disappointing but I suppose it is a gamble for a non-traditional trailer.

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