TOABH: 18 on the 18th

We interrupt your regularly schedule radio silence for a real blog post! Also, stay tuned for a big horse announcement coming very soon!


Eighteen on the Eighteenth.
In honor of Archie’s 18th birthday, tell me 18 things you love about your horse*.
    1. I love that Nibbles loves people. She always makes you feel like she’s happy to see you.
    2. I love her crooked, wide blaze and pink nose, even though I curse the sunburn in the summer.
    3. I love that she is dual-registered as a Purebred Shagya Arabian and a Half-Arabian. It gives us lots of showing options.
    4. I love how smart she is and how willing she is to try.
    5. I love that she is an easy keeper but not an air fern. Horses that are hard to keep weight on give ME ulcers.
    6. I love that she tolerates my selfies and in general tolerates my snuggle attempts.
    7. I love that I was the first one to back her and that all her earliest “taming” was done by me.
    8. I LOVE that she is gentle and tolerant of my six year old soon-to-be step daughter.
      10551528_10152664801693764_8048680531745459346_o (2)
    9. I love that she generally tolerates anything. I can clip her without even haltering her. The farrier can trim her without anyone holding her.
    10. I love her color. I think she’s the world’s richest, prettiest shade of mahogany bay.Have a picture of Nibbles looking cute from April?
    11. I love how she looks scrubbed clean and braided, even though our show plans have so far been foiled.
    12. I love her size. She’s big enough for me at 5’7″ but not so massive that she scares a six year old.
    13. I love her socks even if she is allergic to bluing shampoos.
    14. I love her sabino-esque “ticking” and the tiny white spot on her belly.
    15. I love that I can pull her out of the pasture after a month of not being touched, knock the dust off, throw a bridle on and have her be a perfect angel for engagement photos.
    16. I love that even when she loses her marbles, she never takes long to check back in and say, “Cookie time?”
    17. I love that, to me, she is the perfect balance of family horse but nice-enough-to-show-and-do-well-at-low-levels horse.
    18. I love that she is entering into this extremely exciting next chapter of my life with me!
      Maybe my favorite from the shoot

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