Late Night Hay Delivery

My typical view when I get to the barn

My typical view when I get to the barn

By a happy circumstance, I acquired several compressed bales of Standlee hay. If you’re not familiar with them, Standlee grows some really quality forages and I’ve been wanting to see what the horses think. I was able to get five bales of straight alfalfa and one orchardgrass. It doesn’t sound like much but these are compressed, 50 pound bales so they actually last a lot longer than you think. They compress a 4’x4’x8′ bale into something roughly 2′.


In a stroke of brilliance, I conned asked my fiancé to load up the bales into my car during my lunch yesterday. He was pretty much cursing my name by the time he was done. It hit me that I had to go to the barn alone after work in the dark. And I couldn’t pull my car up to the barn to unload because of the mud. Did I mention the barn sits at the top of the hill? Not my brightest moment. But unload all six bales myself up the hill and stack them I did.


Don’t let those suckers fool you – they’re heavy! I was pretty gassed. The horses were unimpressed with me flinging the bales as soon as I got them into the barn. Needless to say, it was pitch black before I even got everything unloaded so there was no work able to be done. I decided to just grab some cookies and go hang out with Nibbles.

Hello cookie lady. You haz cookies for me?

Hello cookie lady. You haz cookies for me?

Nibbles is so loveable, it’s almost silly. She immediately came up from scratches and started gently “nibbling” my pockets for treats. How can I resist that? I can never just give her cookies so I made her stretch and played with her tongue and lips. The things I do to my horses, I must look like a lunatic.

IMG_3272When she had her two cookies, I started working on her mane. In 48 hours, she can build a witch’s knot like nobody’s business. So while I did that, she took to grooming me… by licking my ski pants. And we’re not talking a couple of licks… she spent 5+ minutes continually licking. Okaaayyy pony.

IMG_3271A pretty pointless visit but at least I think she likes me, right?

Winter, you can go away now. I need daylight and warmth.


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