Free Lunge

Nibbles is a lot of fun. One minute, she’s dozing while you groom her. The next, she zooms around like she’s got places to be and energy to burn. Then she checks back in like “That was fun. How about some scratches?” On Saturday, I went out with the purpose of removing her from friends and grooming her. She’s a fairly “herd sensitive” horse. I wouldn’t call her herd bound but she does take a lot of confidence from her herd. So my goal was to establish that, oh yeah, good things happen when the human takes me away.


We started with a grooming session. The weather had been in the 50’s earlier that day so no one had their blankets on and she had mud in her eyelashes. She snoozed and I still had daylight so I decided to turn her loose in the arena and see what we had.

IMG_3201IMG_3204Walking and smelling turned into zoomy trots turned into WHEEE!

After desert racehorse had some fun, I caught her eye and she came over without a fuss.

That was fun but also a lot of work.

That was fun but also a lot of work.

Even when she plays, I love being able to keep her brain. The proof came when her pasture mates decided it was time to zoom all around the very muddy, slippery field. I stopped what we were doing and caught Nibbles to go calm the herd. The last thing I want is someone else’s horse to slip and fall. In particular, one mare was very worried and flying around in a way that threw caution to the wind. So I haltered Nibbles and took her back into the now-galloping pasture. Nibbles watched all of her buddies zoom around and, eventually, two of them stopped. This happened in a matter of 30 seconds maybe? However, two of the mares still had the willies. To try to catch them, I turned Nibbles loose. She yawned and then followed me around with her nose hanging while I calmed the rest. My wild Arabian could have cared less that her pasture mates weren’t sure the sky wasn’t falling. Love her brain and when she really focuses on me and trusts me!

I’m headed out tonight. I probably won’t have any daylight by the time I get there but pony time is pony time, am I right? I’m ready for spring and more daylight so I can actually work on things when I get there?


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