Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

Teddy Roosevelt, anyone? Alternate title: we ride with a whip and light bulbs come on.

Last night was our first ride since Saturday. Four days – eek! She acted colicky on Monday then Tuesday/Wednesday I had other obligations. So I was a little apprehensive last night and sort of wished I had a crash vest to wear.

It turns out my fears were totally unfounded and Nibbles was awesome! She’s doing so well that I’m going to transition her to riding in a snaffle next week. She already knows all about wearing a bridle so we’ll just refresh turning with it and I think we’ll be good to go. I rode with a dressage whip last night and all of our moving out problems disappeared. We had our best trot work yet. I didn’t have to nag her and she didn’t get frustrated by leg pressure she doesn’t understand yet.


Tomorrow I am meeting one of the other boarders at the barn to ride around the property together. This will be our first ride out of the arena. I feel like we are ready – it will just be around the pastures which are maybe 8 acres in total and, of course, all fenced. I have a hunch Nibbles will really like being out in the open. The other horse we’re riding with is well broke and easy going so I think it will be a positive experience.

I also finally bought the fly mask of doom on the way to the barn last night.

You've got to be joking...

You’ve got to be joking…

Nibbles is not a big fan. It extends about a centimeter over her nostrils. She decided she can still graze and I have the BO watching to make sure she’s still drinking as well. These are supposed to block 70% of UV rays so I’m hoping her blistered nose can heal. There are no stalls where we board so keeping her indoors altogether isn’t an option.

Review of my Piper breeches finally coming this weekend! I hope to ride in them for the second time tonight. I do believe I’m a fan…

tumblr_inline_mqx5lparZ21qz4rgpAnyone have any awesome plans – horsey or otherwise – this weekend?

PS – I just found a schooling/fun show on October 11th at the local fairgrounds that are really close by. I grew up showing there and the classes are super cheap. I’m not sure she’s ready to ride in a class but I’m sorely tempted to take her, show her in-hand, then ride her around for the experience. Temptationnnnn.


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