I Need A New Helmet

I always ride with a helmet. It was drilled in by trainers over the years and, sans a few bareback-barefoot rides as a teenager, I never mount without one on. Earlier this year, I read an article by Riders4Helmets and I learned something new – you should replace your helmet every five years. I had no idea helmets had expiration dates!

I may have been riding in the same helmet my parents bought when I was 9 almost decade later. I have a tiny head. It didn’t have any cracks so I thought I was good. Purely because the velvet was looking ragged, I bought a Troxel something-or-another very inexpensively in high school. That’s the baby I sport these days.


I don’t care to admin how many years it’s been since high school

So now that I’m committed to keeping Nibbles and making sure she has a job (aka not pasture ornament), I think it’s time to commit to a new helmet. For a while earlier this year, back before I broke down and thought I was going to sell her, I strongly toyed with the idea of getting a One K.

One K

Isn’t it pretty?

To be honest, I don’t think I need anything quite that expensive and fancy. Yes, I want to take Nibbles to a few shows but it’s pretty low on our priorities list right now. For goodness sakes, she hasn’t even had 30 rides yet!

So lovely readers, I turn to you for some advice. What helmet would you recommend for schooling purposes? Would you ever buy a helmet second hand (think Facebook group or E-bay)? Is there a type of helmet you would definitely stay away from?

Insert snob moment. I grew up riding hunters then transitioned to dressage so I like pretty things. I’m willing to spend a little extra money (read: not $300) for something that doesn’t look like I borrowed it from a first-time camper.


no no no no no

Okay, snobbery over. Help a girl out, fellow bloggers! I need to satisfy the tack ho but not spend a car payment.

Also, thanks to Karen’s post over at Bakersfield Dressage, my first pair of SmartPak Piper breeches are on their way! Hooray sales! Expect a review soon. I can’t wait to ride in these puppies.


10 thoughts on “I Need A New Helmet

  1. Karen says:

    I have found that the IRH helmets fit my head pretty well (as in, they are comfortable to wear. They do make my head look like an alien though). Charles Owen helmets do not fit my head at all! I guess my advice is try several brands on and see what you like. Most important thing is that they fit well. 🙂

    • Rebecca says:

      Which model do you have? There are so many – and why do they seem pricier than I remember? If I’m going to spend $175 on a helmet, I almost feel like I should just spend the $225 for the “real deal”. Ack!

  2. Julie says:

    I ride in an IRH because I can’t stomach the price of a GPA or similar but I like that style. That being said, I’ve seen some good looking Ovations for really good prices. If I were the type to have a schooling helmet and a show helmet, I’d definitely school I’m an Ovation. And the Charles Owen JR8 is a much more affordable version of their classic model.

  3. Liz says:

    Dude I’d never buy a troxel again. I bought one once and I go two that both basically disintegrated, and i finally just said screw it and got a refund, and got a real helmet. i had a tipperary for a long time that i just loved, but they changed the shape and the new ones don’t fit. i now have the charles owen JR8 which was relatively inexpensive but no vents or anything. I love it though, it looks really nice on.

    • Rebecca says:

      I’m really tempted by the JR8. I’m pretty sure the local, larger tack shop carries them so I’ll probably sneak over there this weekend to try it and others on.

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