Here We Are

The hysteria that has been the past year seems to be finally coming to an end. I knew that things would work out. It’s just so hard when you’re in the midnight of a year-long storm that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight.

For the cliff notes version, the following has taken place in the past three weeks:

  • Star, my recently-gelded stallion, was laid to rest after a freak pasture accident that left him with a fractured T2 in his right hind.
  • My big grey mare, Sara, finally sold to a lovely home across the border in Canada. It seemed surreal until she was gone.
  • For the time being, my fiancé and I have agreed to try and keep Nibbles.

Oh and I got engaged! The now-fiancé proposed very romantically on the beach on July 3rd. I’ve been wedding planning in full flow and, so far, really enjoying the process. We have a date, church, reception site, caterer, photographer, wedding bands and my dress!

The Big Day is June 13, 2015.

The Big Day is June 13, 2015.

Now that I don’t feel pressured to sell four horses, I feel like I finally have a bit of my brain back. Which of course means I’m riding again.

nibs.9.13We have a brand new arena at the small property we board at which is immensely helpful when riding a super green horse. Nibbles has two rides back since… April? So far, so good! We have forward, steering and brakes! Good pony.

So maybe this blog will be something after all.



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