How to Eat an Elephant

f593d05af13062d0a744203061e51be9Finishing your undergraduate work has some side effects not listed on the label. In my experience, they include:

  • Anxiety and sometimes extreme frustration over the job hunt
  • Disappointment when you don’t meet your family’s or your own expectations for post-grad life
  • Gnawing sensation in the stomach when deciding to continue onto grad school immediately or wait
  • Changes in mood and behavior, especially as related to the ability to make decisions

Joking aside, I finished my bachelors a year ago this month. Like so many things in my life, I’m not where I thought I would be at this point in my life but I’m also not so far from where I’d “ideally” like to be. I was very fortunate to find a job that I could pour my education and passion into not all that long (4 months) post graduation. I don’t make much at all but I feel blessed to be able to work full-time in the (indirect) equine industry.

So why do I feel frustrated and like I’ve let myself down? In talking to friends and peers, I think a lot of us feel this way after we graduate. When we started our four-year degree, we wore rose colored glasses and had dreams as big as the campus we now frequented. Somehow, real life has  a way of changing your path, little by little, in many beautiful and sometimes difficult ways. In my previous post, I talked about how I didn’t know what my goal with horses is. Can you believe it: 24 hours later and I still don’t have it figured out. The horror!

The advice I try to remember and have to constantly remind myself of is this: focus on what I can control right now. Break life up in to bite-size pieces and work on them, one by one if that’s what I need. I don’t have to have the answers to the universe before I turn 25 (which is in less than 6 months :x). I’m pushing myself and doing the best I can with where I am and that’s enough for now.




2 thoughts on “How to Eat an Elephant

  1. Dressage Hafl says:

    I had the same feelings when I finished my studies back then (yikes, 6 years ago already oO)…and just recently I learned that there is a term for that: Quarterlifecrisis 😉 There is even a Wikipedia entry on that…. so, you are not alone 😉

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