First Arena Ride

I was finally able to ride Nibbles in the tiny indoor arena last night. Tacked up and threw her on the lunge for just a few minutes. I lunged her first then had Leah lunge her because I want her to feel confident when she starts lunging with me up. The goal is to get to that point this weekend.

She's 15.1 and I'm 5'6" - actually not too bad!

She’s 15.1 and I’m 5’6″ – actually not too bad!

It was Nibbles’ first time with me on her when not being in a stall so after a little lunging (which she didn’t truly need), Leah gave me a leg up and we walked in about 10m circles. Leah walked with us just in case. Of course, Nibbles didn’t do anything. Besides being small, the indoor arena isn’t really an indoor arena. It’s maybe 60′ x 80′ with 8 floor-to-ceiling posts down the middle of it. It’s really annoying and makes lunging extremely challenging. So we just walked on one side of the posts, made as wide of turns as I could manage, and practiced halting from the walk.

She was so nonchalant that we cocked a foot while waiting for Leah to take the picture, hence why I'm also off balance.

She was so nonchalant that we cocked a foot while waiting for Leah to take the picture, hence why I’m also off balance.

You can sort of see the posts I’m talking about in the pictures. Anyway, the other things about the indoor is 1) the footing is just very old, wooden mulch (not even actual wood chips) so it gets very dusty and 2) birds ZOOM in and out all day long. Leah was a little worried about the birds but I’ve worked Nibbles in there several times on the lunge before so she doesn’t mind them anymore. They really are annoying – seriously, at least 20 or so flew in and out, banging the ceiling, the entire time we were in there (which was maybe half an hour). It’s very annoying but good desensitization for the greenie, I guess!

And I did end up winning Day Two’s Easter Egg Hunt at Forging Fiction! Julie from Dreaming of Revelry and I posted at the exact same time so we were both winners. I’ve never won anything before so I’m excited!


4 thoughts on “First Arena Ride

    • Rebecca says:

      The best! If it’s boring, it’s a very good thing at this stage. We rode again today and had another super positive experience.

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