After it took me twice the normal amount of time to drive to the barn due to traffic, I got out of the car to 30mph winds. There was actually a wind advisory for the area. I didn’t just drive an hour to not grab a pony so I grabbed a halter and headed out to the field. The pasture the herd is in is rather large. I would guess about 15 or more acres. Everyone was  at the very back of the pasture and, while Nibbles normally meets me at the front, she either couldn’t hear me or didn’t care to in the wind. So trudging through the mud and wind I went. She met me after a while and, when we started back to the barn, the other horses were following at a quiet walk. About 3/4 of the way there, one of them decides to take off like a bat out of you-know-where, which means that of course the rest of them follow. Poor Nibbles is torn between joining her herd and staying with me. She did stay with me but even after we were in the barn, the horses continued to gallop madly in the small paddock that connects to the back of the barn.

Considering one of those horses is my sales horse and another is into his twenties and recently had a choke scare, I cross tie Nibbles to calm the madness. Apparently wind kills horses now because they were still all on edge. Unfortunately for Nibbles, there is exactly one par of cross ties in this tiny barn and it was a total wind tunnel in the aisle.

Nibbles looked slightly puffy in her LH..maybe slight RH as well? Either way, there was no heat and she hasn’t been off. But with everyone being on edge (Nibbles included), I decided to give her the day off and cold hose those back legs. Mind you, this small barn doesn’t have a wash rack – just a hose on the side of the barn that you can pull around.

Nibbles hasn’t had a bath since…last October? The weather has been just awful and she hasn’t been off the property since December so I’ve just been keeping up with regular grooming. Combine lack-of-baths with insane wind (read: water literally flying sideways from the hose) and you have a snorting Dragon-Arabian mare on the end of your rope. Bless her, she snorted and danced but she stayed in one spot and, without being tied, let me hose her back legs without any problems.

I’m five minutes into hosing when I get a text that they woman who was supposed to feed tonight no longer can so could I please do it. I don’t know if I’ve explained before that this barn does not have a manager – it is 100% self-care. The owners of the farm are very nice but know nothing about horses. Being on a time schedule sucks which meant we got maybe 5 more minutes of hosing before I had to feed so I could make it home at least 45 minutes before bed. (sidenote: I leave my house at 5:00am every morning for the gym, get ready for work, work from 8:30-5:30, head straight to the barn, then get home around 8:15 for bed at 9:00-9:30 to do it all over again.)

Needless to say, it wasn’t a very good night at the barn. Humph. My consolation was that was my sixth day in a row at the barn and I’d gotten a lot done in those days. So what was one blustery, rushed night?

I’m really looking forward to my sister coming in this weekend. It will also be warm enough to bathe and – barring more interruption – Nibbles will finally lose the winter crud that no curry can tackle. No photos because I was flying my Dragon-Arabian kite for most of the night.


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