2014 Goals: Update

I posted these goals about six weeks ago. I didn’t particularly attach a timeline to any of them but I’d like to review them to see where we are as we get closer to mid-April and her first show.

Goals with Nibbles

  • Take/drop the bridle calmly and confidently – Accomplished! After having her teeth done, I noticed improvement on this front. I also tried a little trick that turned out to be just the thing – I gave her a sugar cube before I bridled her and then after she had the bridle on. Not only did she practically bridle herself, but she drops is without fuss when I ask!
  • Learn to steer and accept gentle contact – Accomplished! Both mounted and in-hand, we’ve worked on steering. Mostly in-hand or on the line, I’ve started to ask for short bursts of light contact and she really hasn’t protested.
  • Get back on the lunge with solid verbal cues – Accomplished! Pretty straight forward and she is now 100% solid.
  • Try long-lining, which I’ve long been rusty on – Not yet, mainly because I don’t actually own a pair of side reins and no one at my barn probably even knows what they are :3
  • Work on trailer loading – used to be a non-issue and has become a big one – Coming soon! My trailer will be back with me late next week so I can actually practice this.
  • Go to a handful of small schooling shows to get her off the property – Getting there. I intended to go to a school show the first weekend in March but something personal came up. Her first (not-so-schooling) show is April 27th. She’s definitely ready.
  • Get at least 90 solid days under saddle before October – Progress. I’m really anxious for my sister to get here so I can start actual work and not only hop on for a few minutes. No one is ever at the barn when I’m there (darn 40-hour work week) so I’ve been hesitant to back a baby alone. She’s never put a toe out of line but a horse is a horse…

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