Like before, standing in the middle of the arena with full tack, a third person should be holding the stirrup on the right side of the horse while the rider mounts. The second person or handler is still at the front of the horse, ready with a soothing voice and treats should the horse get nervous.

The rider should put her foot in the left stirrup and pull her body up very slowly, without putting her leg over the horse’s back. Instead, rest a moment in the stirrup then jump of the horse. The jump exercises should have prepared the horse for this.

Little by little, the rider straightens their body while staying on the left side of the saddle. The horse should be able to see the rider’s whole body above them. Everyone should remain very calm, especially if the horse raises their head or gets concerned. This routine repeats for several days.

Only when the horse is completely relaxed should you continue.

The rider should mount by putting their leg over the horse’s back very slowly. The third person should carefully give the rider the right stirrup then move away in case the horse jumps. 99% of horses stay calm if they are well prepared. The rider should not move and just sit lightly. At the handler’s instructions, they should dismount by taking both feet out of the stirrups then carefully put her leg over the back of the horse then jump off. This is enough for one day.

During the next few days, repeat this exercise frequently after the horse has been lunged as before. The rider should not be doing anything with the reins at this stage.

When the horse is consistently calm, the rider can do more in the saddle. She can touch the horse’s neck then speak to the horse. When the horse is accepting of this, the rider should go up and down while in the saddle as if posting while the horse remains standing. Also try opening up the arms side by side. Again, these should last several days.


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